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Moving with children.

Group of friends

Moving home is a stressful time especially for children, although the parents are stressed in regards to making sure they've collected all of their belongings and don't forget anything; children will find it stressed in the aspect that they're possibly leaving the only house they've ever lived in, leaving their place of comfort, school and friends.

When the decision has been made to move house make sure the children are aware of the major details that are going on, otherwise they're most likely going to be more stressed out if they're kept out of the loop.

Take your offsprings to view the house, area and their school as a way to introduce them to their new surroundings as a way to break them into their new surroundings, this is a way for the child to feel less anxious especially if they happen to make friends when touring the area.

Allow the child to be more involved in regards to deciding how their new room is going to be decorated, this will lessen the anxiety and make them excited; instead of thinking on how the move is going to affect them in a negative way, they may disregard these thoughts and instead focus on looking for new decorative items.

When the move has already taken place and you and your family are settling into the new home, until work and school restart, try taking the children out to any attractions that may be in surrounding areas, and if they're interested in sports or cadets try finding groups in which they can join and make friends.

Trying to make sure all the family are comfortable and content is important because a happy family equals a happy and hopefully less stressful life.

Happy family

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