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What's the best rubbish removal method?

When thinking of clearing rubbish, what's the first disposal method you think of? Is it a skip, taking the items to the tip, or hiring a professional removal company to do the work for you?

Although taking the items to the tip is a generally quick removal method, this can eat into your time. Most tips close at the time when most return from work, 5pm, and therefore would require you to take time off work, or go on a Saturday - a day which is used for chores, shopping, relaxing or DIY. If a substantial amount of rubbish is needed to be cleared, most tips will have a cut off point in relation to the quantity of items you are disposing of, especially if the items are of many and are in a similar category.

Skips do come at a cost, and generally cost a pretty penny. Although midi skips can be purchased for around £140, 8yd skips cost £200, or more. Having a skip requires the individual to have the skip placed on their garden, possibility in the way of their cars and would mean the individual would need to load all the rubbish into the skip continuously until all is cleared. Skips also have a maximum limit which they can hold, when skips have increased over the clearly showcased limit, it can be dangerous for the skips to be collected, transported and unloaded. Although skips can be useful when completing a long-term renovation project as you can use them continuously over the duration, until they are full.

The methods stated, can be an ideal clearance method, but they both take up your precious time, and cause you to make effort in removing, lifting and transporting heavy items. Whereas hiring a professional removal company, means you won't need to lift a finger, we'll bring our men to you who will remove all rubbish required, efficiently. Generally the cost of a skip is around the same cost which it would take to hire a house clearance company, without having to handle anything heavy yourself. We, as a clearance company, will remove various types of rubbish, from house to garden - and we can even dismantle your sheds!

If you have items which need to be cleared, why not give us a call? Obtain a free quotation, and if you are pleased with the cost, and let our professional, polite, punctual remove men and women, do the job for you!

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