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House clearance

House clearances can be a stressful time due to the substantial amount of items which require to be cleared. These times can be especially difficult if it's associated with a bereavement. There are several ways you can prepare for a house clearance.

Putting items you wish to keep to one side.

Putting items you want to keep to one side or externally from the property will ensure no items are accidentally mixed up with the rubbish/clearance and thrown away, and you are able to keep the items you love safe; conversely, we can help separate these items items so no accidents occur and you are able to keep all the items which hold sentimental value.

Dismantle large items, this is so we are able to remove these items we ease.

Dismantling large items mean we are able to take them away from the property with no problem. When items such as beds, wardrobes are kept built, taking through corridors and downstairs can be a difficult task, if you are unable to dismantle the items yourself, just inform our house clearance and rubbish removal team whom will ensure they bring the appropriate tools to complete this for you.

Keep electrical items together, if possible.

Most electricals are considered to be hazardous, therefore this requires us to use a special disposal method to comply with electronic waste recycling regulations; this covers items such as IT equipment, medical devices, telecoms equipment, electric tools, control devices etc. Due to us being fully licensed, we are fully capable of completing this for you, ensuring the safety of the environment.

Take up carpets, box up small items, remove sharp objects, removing stair-lifts.

Boxing up smaller items mean we are able to remove items at a quicker pace, when smaller items are loose it increases the clearance time due to needing to pick up a vast amount of small items - this will also help us separate and group items which we will then recycle.

Taking up the carpets throughout the house, as well as rugs and curtains helps our clearance men and women to complete with precision; although if you are unable to do this, please inform us and we will bring the tools to complete this for you.

Sometimes stair-lifts need to be removal, this can be a difficult task, but our team are able to complete this and are able to remove stair-lifts with ease (just remember to inform us beforehand).

Call us on 0121 530 1795 or on 07511 346029 to gain a free quotation!

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