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Waste Carriers Licence?

Why is it important to ensure the removal service I employ has a waste carriers licence? This is a question that some people query when they are looking to disposal of unwanted items such as furniture, sheds, stairlifts, or a vast amount of house and garden waste. The main factor why it is substantially important you ensure the company has a waste carriers lincense is knowing they dispose of the items in a correct and enviromental manner. In England alone, in 2017, over a million cases of fly-tipping occured and cost the UK around 50 million pounds, to remove the items which have been wrongly dumped. Around 2,000 cases of fly-tipping ended up in prosecution, although this doesn't seem a substantial amount, it does relate to you. It costs, on average, £10 per person to help fund the misconduct which occurs - £10 which is wasted money, all due to the fly-tippers negligence and unlawful act. If you were to hire an individual without a waste carriers licences they may dump your items, it can then be traced back to you, if personal information is amoung the items - causing you to obtain a fine for a service you paid for. How can you help to stop this? You can assist the decrease in fly-tipping by hiring a house clearance and rubbish removal company with a waste carriers licences, like us! We ensure we will dispose of your items ethically and causing minimum waste goes to landfill - recycling and donating as much as we possible can. So check the company has and shows you their waste carriers license, or just hire us and be able to have your mind at rest, knowing we are professional and responsible and always act within the law

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