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Fly-tipped rubbish

Are there ways to make my quote cheaper?

Yes! One of the major ways you can do this, is ensuring you items are kept dry. Due to the 'great' English weather, if you place items outside they generally will be soaked with rain. When it rains the items absorb moisture which can, in-turn, increase the weight of the items by 10X. We do not take items to the tip, and instead pay for them to be disposed of. The wetter the item, the heavier - the more they cost to dispose of.

How much space should I allocate for parking?

We use a large van which features a lift to the rear of the van, the van measures to be the length of 2 cars, but to be sure we have enough space when collecting your items, it's always best to try ensure there is a space of 3 car lengths, this is so we can manoevure and for us to be able to activate our lift.

How do I arrange parking in a permit holder/prohibited area?

It's generally important a parking permit is obtained, if needed, as this stops unnecessary fines being occurred. Typically the local council deal with this matter however in most situations the police need to be informed through 101.

Access may be difficult in my area for a large van, what should I do?

During the enquiry please state if you have any worries about the access to the property, this allows us to assess the situation and plan before attending the property, ensuring this problem is dealt with accordingly.

Should I flat-pack self-assembly furniture?

Normally we would say yes because its quicker for us to turn up and quickly collect the furniture however if there are any difficulties in completing this, please inform us when obtaining the quote, or in advance so we are able to bring the necessary tools.

I'm having a house clearance, what should I do about my pets?

We understand pets may seem on edge when house clearances and rubbish removals are in process, as they are unsure who we are and what's happening, so we ask for the best interest of the pets, to keep them with a family member so they can feel relaxed in a comforting environment.

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